Advance Mobility Independence Brake

The Advance Mobility Independence has two brakes plus a safety handle wrist strap.

Advance Mobility (Baby Jogger) Independence Rear Wheel Parking Brake OFF - click for larger image

Advance Mobility (Baby Jogger) Independence Rear Wheel Parking Brake ON - click for larger image


Rear Parking Brake

Both of the rear wheels have a brake cog into which a metal rod slides to prevent them from turning.

The metal rod is operated by a brake lever

  • push the lever down to engage the brake

  • pull up to disengage

Advance Mobility (Baby Jogger) Independence Front Wheel Running Brake Release Lever - click for larger image

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Front Running Brake

On the front wheel is a caliper brake - like on a bicycle, operated by a lever mounted on the handlebar.

  • squeeze the lever to apply the brake

The running brake can be useful to slow down the buggy if you are moving at speed or help maintain control on a steep slope.


There is minimal weight over the front wheel. If the brake is used when on a slippery surface - e.g. wet or ice, dirt ground, grass, gravel etc. then the front wheel may lock but not slow the buggy's forward momentum as it slides along.

Note recent models do not have the lever locking mechanism shown in the image above.

Safety Wrist Strap A safety wrist strap is attached to the handlebar, always loop your wrist through the strap before setting off, even if you are walking on flat level ground - if you always do it then you will never forget.

Should you stumble and let go of the handlebar the wrist strap prevents the buggy from rolling away from you. If you are on a slope and let go of the handle without the wrist strap then the buggy can run away from you and very quickly accelerate to a speed you cannot catch up with ! tel: 01363 881110

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